Air Filters: Their Execs And Cons

Air filters take away mud particles, micro-organisms and filth from air. The filters have totally different functions the place they’re utilized in industrial, medical and industrial sectors. There are lots of kinds of filters out there with the commonest being:


HEPA is an acronym for Excessive Effectivity Particulate Air. The expertise was developed throughout the Second World Battle the place it was utilized in eradicating radioactive mud from air. In fashionable instances, the filters are utilized in households the place they’ve the flexibility of eradicating particles which are as small as 0.1 microns.

Particles that the filters are in a position to catch and take away embrace: mud mites, mildew spores, mud, micro organism, and pollen.

It is good to notice that HEPA filters do not take away chemical fumes, odors, viruses, and cigarette smoke. To catch and take away these particles, it is beneficial that you simply purchase a HEPA filter with activated carbon.

It’s best to often exchange these filters because the captured micro-organisms can reproduce thus changing into a well being hazard.

Ionic air filters

Often known as ionizers, these items depend on voltage so as to cost air molecules. They produce negatively charged ions (anions) which are a magnet for mud particles within the air identical to static electrical energy.

When particles get into contact with anions, they de-ionize and are faraway from the air stream.

The cool factor with them is that they take away particles which are as small as 0.01 microns. They’re additionally in a position to sterilize micro organism, smoke, viruses and different poisonous fumes. They’re liked by many individuals as they operate with out inflicting any noise.

Whereas the items take away the particles from air, the eliminated particles aren’t faraway from the room-they land on the ground, furnishings and partitions thus you need to return and clear the ground and partitions.

Research have proven that the items produce ozone as a by-product. This places your lungs in danger once you straight inhale ozone.

Activated carbon filters

They’re activated utilizing oxygen which opens carbon pores making the filters extremely absorbent. As air passes by way of the filters, the activated carbon absorbs the gasses and odors thus neutralizing them. The filters are in a position to take away odors, chemical substances, smoke, and air gases.

In contrast to ionizers, these filters do not launch contaminants again into the air. The principle flaw with them is that they do not take away micro-organisms, mud and different allergens.


These are the numerous air filters out there. As you have got seen, every filter has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s best to analyze the filters and go for the suitable ones that are perfect for you.