Notable Lifetimes of the Ascended Masters – The Duke of Chou

The ascended masters as soon as walked the earth the identical as we do. That they had lifetimes through which they perfected numerous soul and character qualities. A examine of particular lifetimes of the masters helps us to know what’s required for true self-mastery. One of many extra well-known lifetimes of the ascended grasp Lord Lanto is that of The Duke of Chou of China.

The Duke of Chou (twelfth century B.C.) is considered one of many best statesmen in Chinese language historical past. Often known as the Yellow Emperor, he’s thought-about to be the architect of the Chou dynasty and the true founding father of the Confucian custom. Confucius seemed to the Duke for his mannequin and believed it was his mission to reestablish the ideas and tradition of the early Chou period, thought-about to be a golden age.

The Duke of Chou was a legendary determine whose life is surrounded within the mists of historic historical past, although accounts of his private life and achievements do stay. The Duke of Chou is credited with the writing of the I Ching and with the founding a brand new type of classical Chinese language music. Some historians additionally credit score him with the founding of conventional Chinese language drugs. As well as, he was instrumental within the invention of the calendar and types of martial arts which are useful for well being in addition to self-defense. His spouse, Luo Zu, is claimed to have taught the Chinese language to weave silk from the cocoon of domesticated silkworms.

The Duke of Chou is claimed to have lived to be 100 years outdated. Of his 25 youngsters, 14 had been boys. All the noble households of the primary three dynasties of China are reputed to have been descendants of those sons. When the Duke’s lengthy life was over, he organized his affairs together with his ministers and ready for his journey to heaven. Some Chinese language believed that he flew to the heavens on the again of a dragon and have become an immortal.

As an ascended grasp, the Duke of Chou is called Lord Lanto, the chohan or lord of the second ray of God’s knowledge. Lord Lanto is the sponsor of all types of training and those that search each knowledge and information.