SMS Language – Some Examples of Text Messages Including Txt Abbreviations

Is the SMS language assuming control over the English-speaking world?

Is it assuming control over the non-English talking world, as well? All things considered, this article is a short understanding into SMS language, and it incorporates a few instances of instant messages, with some well known instant message truncations (otherwise known as SMS word reference) included as well. Also, as you read it, I trust this SMS language article enlightens as opposed to irritates.

Remember, it’s not just on cell phones that such SMS language is showing up these days:

* Facebook and Twitter refreshes are similarly prone to have shorthand sentences that could look good for nothing to many

* Instant informing programming like Skype frequently observes individuals writing in “txt speak”

* And online discussion messages, where everybody is in such a rush (or individuals simply don’t have the foggiest idea about any better), are regularly covered with these purported instant message abbreviations

So while you may before long be gritting your teeth (as you read this SMS language article), recall it *is* helpful to know a touch of this txt lingo…


Okay, here are a few instances of instant messages including some exemplary mobile phone abbreviations:

1) My smmr hols wr CWOT

2) I wntd 2 go hm ASAP, 2C my M8s again

Believe it or not, these SMS models were taken from an English essay put together by a 13 year old British youngster. At school. Truly! Also, their importance, obviously is…

1) My late spring occasions were a finished misuse of time

2) I needed to return home as quickly as time permits, to see my mates again

I could without much of a stretch make up a SMS model or two, by evacuating vowels and shortening words however much as could reasonably be expected – lk ths, u c! – yet I accept this certified SMS model is of progressively instructive value.

Yes, that is the manner by which the SMS language is formed – it’s everything about word decrease, less characters to type (urgent for speed, for instance, just as space on Facebook and Twitter announcements!) But then it’s everything about knowing some settled SMS alternate routes as well – no compelling reason to waste time, I presume. What’s more, that is the place instant message contractions come in, also called ‘SMS dictionary’.

Here’s a truly short case of what I mean:


BF – boyfriend

GF – girlfriend

D8 – date

L8 – late

U – you

LMAO – giggle my butt off

IMAO – in my pompous opinion

IMHO – in my humble opinion

(Er, as I would like to think, sentiments ought to consistently be unassuming!;- ) )

And, at long last, here are a couple txt msg abrs for you to gesture your head in understanding with…


BRB – be correct back

RUT – are you there?

LOL – snicker out loud

MTE – my musings exactly

OMG – Oh my God!

AFZ – abbreviation free zone (!)

FFS – for *freak* sake

2M2H – a lot to handle

2MI – a lot of information

IK – I know

:- * – kiss

:- @ – screaming

O:- ) – saintly

;- ) – wink (just on the off chance that you didn’t know!)

NB crack is all the more regularly supplanted with an alternate word starting with F! In the event that you get my drift!

– –

As with all dialects, the SMS language is ever-developing, and just a couple of the a great many words/phrases/alternate ways accessible will ever be in like manner use at any one time. So alarm not!

Still, these instances of SMS messages give a kind of the correspondence going on out there, by means of telephone or online…

by Steve Nash

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