The SAT and the 220,000 Words in the English Language

The SAT is hard!

SAT Vocabulary Learning

When I was showing secondary school, I met a ton of guardians who asked me what they ought to do to set up their kids to take the SAT. The greater part of the inquiries came toward the finish of junior year only a couple of months before the kids needed to step through this overwhelming exam. In spite of the fact that planning over the late spring months can just assistance, genuine groundwork for the SAT starts a lot before. In any case, this is a point numerous guardians and children don’t appear to get.

There is a ton of discussion about what number of words there are in the English language, however everybody concurs that there are a great deal! Most researchers concur that there are more than 220,000 words in our language…much more than can be aced in a solitary summer of SAT practice. Reality, notwithstanding, is that a great many people, even the very accomplished, don’t have the foggiest idea and utilize each word in our language. The engineers of the SAT, the College Board, don’t anticipate that youngsters should know each word, only a conventional level of them.

I checked on the SAT College Board site and found a portrayal of the SAT verbal/language bit of the test. Despite the fact that there is not, at this point a relationship segment, jargon information is critical to progress on the language partition the test which offers a potential 1600 points.

The SAT currently looks like this:

Reading and Sentence Completion – conceivable 800 focuses.

‘Reading’ tests understanding of what is expressed in or inferred by the section.

‘Sentence finishing’ tests jargon and comprehension of sentence structure.

Writing – conceivable 800 focuses.

‘Improving sentences’ tests the capacity to address blames in utilization and sentence structure, perceive viable sentences that observe the shows of Standard Written English.

‘Identifying sentence mistakes’ tests the capacity to perceive blames in use, and perceive compelling sentences.

‘Improving Paragraphs’ tests the capacity to overhaul sentences with regards to a section or the whole essay, arrange and create passages in a sound and sensible way.

‘The Essay’- 25 minutes to present and bolster a perspective on a particular issue.

Students need to know jargon, the shows of Standard Written English (not journalistic-style composing), and be rehearsed in the perusing of profoundly mind boggling and now and then logical content so as to excel on this test. This is a lot to attempt to learn in one summer.

As an educator, I accept the most ideal route for understudies to create jargon abilities is to peruse and look into obscure words when they go over them. This is simpler now than when I was youthful in light of the fact that kids presently have iPhones and iPads and PCs… many have never at any point seen a good old word reference. Another simple path for understudies to build up their jargon abilities is to utilize their thesaurus when they are utilizing their PCs. This propensity trains understudies to relate words with comparable implications which creates jargon. There are other accessible assets accessible, for example, word a day schedules and non-scaring jargon books for center school understudies. SAT prep writings are likewise accessible however a few understudies are threatened by the size of these books. In truth, a large portion of the fight is getting the children to get ready, and threatening writings don’t help. Littler books or arrangements of 10 or 20 words are significantly more compelling for understudies who don’t adore perusing and considering. And all these SAT arrangements should start during or before first year recruit year.

For fun, test yourself; do you comprehend what these SAT words mean?











More to come on SAT prep. Good karma to your kids!

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