Top Article Writing Tips and Structures for the Cambridge First Certificate (FCE)

1. Get the peruser’s attention

The opening scarcely any lines are pivotal. You should address a worry or issue, connect with the peruser and open a line of discussion that makes the peruser think. The title must be fascinating and gives the peruser an away from of what you are going to state. run of the mill allurements include:

Useful structures

  • Have you ever/It’s notable that… be that as it may,/People regularly state that…

2. Give your opinion

The article is intended to incite thought yet you should keep in touch with the peruser explicitly, envision you are addressing your mom. You would not be excessively formal (like with your instructor) yet you would not be loosened up like with your companions. Ensure you keep the register steady and ensure you address the peruser with “you” not “the reader”.

Useful structures

  • By and by/I can’t help thinking that/In my view/As far as I’m concerned

3. Make it simple to read

Your structure is one of the most significant viewpoints to the analyst. Ensure there is an obviously characterized start, center and end. Inspectors have a great deal of papers to stamp, and once in a while care about your substance. You can talk about anything, as long as your English is right and there is a reasonable structure. Separate your composition by utilizing sections and take a couple of moments before the test to consider what you will write.

Useful structures

  • Right off the bat, furthermore, finally/Apart from that/However/In conclusion

4. Adhere to the point

Keep your composition on subject! On the off chance that you are talking about planes, it is fine to specify their history and their impact on the world, yet don’t begin talking about paranoid notions and your doubt of them. You need to remain on point and make it interesting.

Useful structures

  • What I find astounding about this point is/When we ask ourselves (theme question) what do you think of?

5. Keep me interested

The incredible thing about an article is that it is an ideal route for you to communicate a conclusion or a thought, without the custom of a essay and it permits you to be fascinating. Try not to lose the chance to make a joke or two. Try not to attempt to be interesting completely through the essay (you are not so amusing!) yet incorporate a joke or two toward the conclusion to light up the inspectors day:).

Useful structures

  • It was genuinely the best excursion I’ve at any point taken/It was well justified, despite all the trouble and I’d prescribe it to anyone

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